Wolverine Beard

The iconic Wolverine beard has been made even more popular with the recent series of X-men movies with Hugh Jackman doing justice to the cartoon and sporting an epic beard as well.

The Wolverine style beard is a mix between mutton chops and a full beard depending on which movie you are watching. I would say the iconic style is a large pair of mutton chops with the moustache, chin and lower neck area with light stubble. However in the most recent movie (X-man: Days of Future Past), Jackman basically had a full beard. Generally the look is accompanied by disheveled hair and a ripped Hugh Jackman body.

It is a tough ask to pull off the Wolverine beard well and in my opinion it is better left to Hugh Jackman in the X-Men movies rather than a style to embrace for daily life. It is great if you can grow this style beard for Halloween or a dress up party and who knows, it may just work for you.

I think Jackman is the perfect guy for the Wolverine beard and it’s great to have a main movie character with a unique and iconic style of facial hair.

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