Beard Oil: The Key to a Healthy Beard

For those that have never grown facial hair themselves, the process of growing a beard may seem beyond simple. After all, don’t you just throw your razor in the trash, sit back, and wait for a full, luxurious beard to grow in as nature intended?Baerd Oil

If you’ve actually grown a beard, however, you know it is not nearly such a simple proposition. There’s a world of difference between well-maintained facial hair and the scraggly briar patch of someone who just let shaving slip their mind for six months. It’s not like ignoring your lawn while weeds grow; it’s more like tending to a garden. It takes patience, careful edging, and a good deal of maintenance. Beard oil is one of the most important tools in your arsenal to keep your beard healthy, clean, and looking good.

So what is beard oil, and why do you need it? As you may have guessed, beard oil is used to keep both the beard itself and the skin beneath healthy. Some people think of it as shampoo for your beard and, although its a bit more complicated than that, its not that far off. If your beard to be better, smoother, and healthier than it is now, you should start thinking of beard oil as an essential, necessary part of your daily regiment, alongside shampoo, soap, and deodorant. Soon, you won’t know how you ever did without it.

Use beard oil to bring out your natural beard colour

Use beard oil to bring out your natural beard colour

There are several different kinds of beard oils, used to treat different hair types and conditions. If you’re facing a case of beard dandruff, for example, you’ll be able to find a beard oil or beard wash to help. Dandruff, wherever it comes from, is usually caused by skin that is too dry or too oily. These are two very common beard conditions, and also two that are easily treated with the right beard oil. Since dry skin is also a cause of itching and irritation beneath your beard, a moisturizing beard oil can be a huge help.

The longer your beard, the more you need beard oil. If you’ve been through the many stages of beard growth, you know that a clean, tight beard can lose its luster when its grown to a certain length. This happens for a few different reasons. One of the most common is that, simply put, long hair is just more mass to it, which means that small imperfections can turn into more visible problems, like cow licks and kinks. Beard oil can help to smooth out your beard, making it less unruly. Plus, if you make your beard hair healthy and pliable, you’ll find it requires much less combing, and less grooming in general.

Long beards require constant maintenence

Long beards require constant maintenence

Outside of any particular problem you’re likely to face, there is just the natural maintenance necessary to keep your beard looking—and feeling—good. A full beard can be particularly difficult to keep healthy and, because it’s right there on your face, any problems are immediately noticeable. Beard oil can help to add luster, shine, and a general overall look of health to your beard, and with very little effort on your part.

Beard oil can also be a useful for styling. Maybe you have a particular style you’re going for and you want to gently encourage your beard hairs to go in the right suggestion, without having to use something like hair spray. Or, maybe you just want to control flyaways, or keep the frizz to a minimum. Whatever the reason, beard oil is a great alternative.

A well styled beard!

A well styled beard!

Using beard oil is a fairly simple procedure once you know what you’re doing, although it might take some time to get a good feel for how much to use. Once you have the oil, you then pour a small amount into your palm, and then gently massage it into your beard. If the beard oil is being used to help treat dry or oily skin, you’ll want to make sure that the oil gets through to the skin. Otherwise, you should make sure that the beard oil is thoroughly and evenly distributed throughout your beard.

Once the beard oil is in, you can comb, brush, or otherwise style your beard just like you always do. Except, with the right beard oil applied, you may find the grooming process easier and more rewarding than usual.

There are a lot of different beard oils out there, from complex scientific concoctions to simple, single-ingredient options like olive or coconut oil. What works for others may not work for you, although even the wrong beard oil isn’t likely to do any harm.

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